"My name is Adam Strange, and will you just let me finish? I come from a planet called Earth. A time centuries from now. And I've come here to warn you. Someone from the future is coming to destroy Krypton."
—Adam Strange to Seg-El[src]

Adam Strange is an individual from Detroit on the planet Earth sometime in the future.


Adam Strange, college dropout and failed archeologist, hails from a different time, several centuries in Krypton's future. Travelling to Krypton's past, Strange sought out Seg-El to warn him of an approaching threat, that someone from the future was planning to destroy Krypton, and if the timeline was changed then Seg-El's grandson, Kal-El, also known as Superman, "the greatest hero in the universe", would never exist. Strange gave Seg-El a sunstone, marked with a modified insignia of the House of El, and implored him to find the Fortress of Solitude, before disappearing. Once Seg-El found the Fortress, Adam Strange visited him there. Strange was glad that Seg-El managed to find and open the Fortress, but the young Kryptonian was angry as it led to the death of his parents. Strange produced Superman's cape and told Seg-El that he was not the last of his family, though that would not be the case for long, as the cape began to slowly be removed from existence. He revealed the truth behind the alien presence coming for Krypton, telling Seg of Brainiac, the "Collector of Worlds".[1]

Seg refusing to believe Adam, he asked the Kryptonian for a ride back into Kandor. Returning back to the city, Strange implored Seg-El to look into what he was talking about, before going to Kem's bar on Seg's orders for some Kryptonian clothes. When Seg returned with access to the Science Guild's data banks, he gave Adam two hours to find proof of Brainiac, ultimately to no avail. Swearing to Kem that he wasn't lying, Adam traded his watch and cap for access to out of the city, where the two of them found technology belonging to Brainiac. Bringing it back to Kem's home, Adam explained it to be a scout, indicating that Brainiac was already on the planet.[2]


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  • It's implied that Adam might be bisexual, given his reaction to seeing naked male Sagatari.

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  • This is the first live action incarnation of the character Adam Strange.


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