Daron-Vex was a member of the Lawmakers Guild and the father of Nyssa-Vex.


Daron-Vex married into the House of Vex and has fives daughters, one of them being Nyssa-Vex. Rising through the ranks of Kandorian society, Daron-Vex became the Magistrate of Kandor City and a member of the Lawmakers Guild. In this capacity, he oversaw Val-El's trial for sedition and sentenced him to death when the scientist would not pledge allegiance to the Voice of Rao. His pronouncement also led to the House of El being deranked from Kryptonian society.[1]

Fourteen years later, Daron-Vex still served as Magistrate of Kandor City. When a terrorist attempted to kill him during a trial, he was ironically saved by Val-El's grandson, Seg-El, who was there simply to deliver medicine to his father, Ter-El. As a reward for his actions, Daron-Vex arranged for Seg to be reinstated to a Ranked status, to marry his daughter, Nyssa, and take the Vex surname. Daron later oversaw the trial of Seg's mother, Charys-El, who had stolen a skimmer and then claimed to be a member of Black Zero in order to get her voice heard before the Council. During the trial, both Charys and Ter were killed by Jayna-Zod. Daron subsequently scolded Jayna for her actions, before realizing they were being overseen by the Voice of Rao.[1]

Daron later called Seg to the Lawmakers Guild. Noticing Seg's interest in the Voice of Rao's mask, he explained it being a callback to their old gods, as well as their one true god Rao. He also checked that Seg wasn't intending on repeating what his parents had done, before letting him know of his investiture ceremony into the House of Vex. Daron was later visited by Seg, the former discussing the latter's grandfather's fall from grace. After Seg requested he join the Science Guild, Daron approved it. Hoping to keep Seg's trust through his daughter Nyssa, he had her give Seg his parent's ashes, an otherwise treasonous act. Shortly following, Daron and Nyssa found Seg in the Lawmakers Guild, early for his investiture ceremony. Seg decided not to become a Vex, though still continue his work through the Science Guild. The Voice of Rao appeared, approving this, much to Daron's frustration.[2]

Daron eventually decides to overthrow the Voice of Rao from power. He conspires with Jayna Zod and Daron-Vex to kill the Voice of Rao but it was later revealed that Voice of Rao was dead and Brainiac has taken control of his body.[3]

After the failed attempt to kill the Voice of Rao, Daron started to serve Brainiac in the fear of losing his life.[4]

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  • Daron is widowed, as revealed in "The Phantom Zone", due to his wife dying in a skimmer accident.
  • Daron married into House Vex as it was his wife's last name. It is unknown to what his original name is.


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