Dev-Em is a Sagitari commander in the Military Guild. He is the intended of Lyta-Zod.


As part of the Military Guild, Dev-Em became a member of the Sagitari, and the intended of Lyta-Zod. Dev-Em was present at a training session overseen by Primus Jayna-Zod. Jayna selected her own daughter to spar with her, then allowed Dev to select whether the fight would use weapons, or be hand-to-hand. Dev chose hand-to-hand and watched as Lyta was beaten by her mother, and then cried for mercy. While on patrol in the Rankless District, Dev-Em almost arrested Seg-El after he tried to stop two Sagitari from accosting a burnout who had worked the Outlands for more than 50 cycles. Lyta-Zod intervened and took Seg-El away in cuffs. Sometime later, Dev-Em led the Sagitari to arrest Charys-El after she stole a skimmer, taking her before the Lawmakers Guild.[1]

After Lyta questioned why the Sagitari were leading a rankless initiative, Dev agreed with Quex-Ul, expressing his great desire to find and end Black Zero. Lyta later challenged Quex to a duel to the death, causing Dev to question her on her choice, despite her resistance. Soon coming around, Dev-Em assured Lyta of herself before her battle. He watched as she defeated and killed Quex-Ul.[2]

Sometimes later, House of Vex conspired with Primus Jayna-Zod to overthrow the Voice of Rao. Jayna asked Dev to join them in their mission. Although the plan failed when the Voice of Rao was revealed to be dead and instead being alive as an agent for Brainiac. Brainiac then took control of Dev.[3]

Under Brainiac's order, Dev went to Lyta who expressed the truth of her feelings towards him. Dev asked Lyta to take her to Jayna. When they find her, Dev revealed himself to be a servant of Brainiac and attempts to kill Jayna. Lyta fires at Dev and kills him, in order to protect her mother.[4]


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