For the episode of the same name, see House of El.

The House of El is a family residing on Krypton. Many of its members have been a part of the Science Guild.


The House of El accomplished a great number of things, such as Tharb-El finding a cure for the Green Death, ultimately saving the Kryptonian race.[1] Following Val-El claiming there to be life beyond Krypton, against the religious practices of the state, the Voice of Rao stripped the House of El of their rank.[2]


Other Relatives Edit

  • Dru-Zod (son of Seg via Lyta-Zod)
  • Cor-Vex (unborn son of Seg via Nyssa-Vex)

Possible Future Members Edit

  • Lara Van-El [formerly Lara Lor-Van] ( future mother of Kal-El, wife of Jor-El and daughter-in-law of Seg-El)
  • Jor-El (son of Seg-El, husband of Lara Van-El and father of Kal-El) - fate unknown


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