Jax-Ur is the leader of Black Zero and a former member of the Science Guild.


Jax-Ur was a member of the Science Guild. She worked with Val-El and Daron-Vex and was a very good to friends to them. But she left the guild when Daron sentenced Val to death and took away his family's ranks. After leaving the Science Guild, Jax formed a rebel group named Black Zero that aimed to unite the citizens of Kandor City and stop the oppression of the Rankless.[1]

When Brainiac arrived at Kandor, Dru-Zod along with Jayna-Zod came to Jax to seek an alliance to help defeat Brainiac. Jax agreed but in return she wanted Daron-Vex.[2]

Later, Daron-Vex was brought to her. She explained to him why she left the Science Guild and formed Black Zero.[3]

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