Kal-El is a future member of the House of El and a hero on Earth known as Superman.


Original Timeline Edit

In the future, Kal-El emigrated from Krypton to Earth and became a hero known as Superman.[1] One of his greatest enemies would be General Zod, who neither knew to be Kal-El's uncle. He apparently sent Adam Strange to the planet Krypton in the past to prevent an impending danger that threatened his existence as a superhero.[2] However later information suggests Adam went back in time of his own freewill, to prove himself as a hero. Regardless Adam arrived on Krypton with Superman's cape, which was slowly disappearing due to the changes in the timeline.

New Timeline Edit

House of El sigil turns into Zod sigil

House of El sigil turns into House of Zod sigil

After Kal-El's grandfather Seg-El sent Brainiac to the Phantom Zone, at the cost of being dragged in by Brainiac, his cape was quickly restored. However the House of El symbol soon changed to be a House of Zod when Zod made plans to take control of krypton and later the whole galaxy, the change being proof that he succeeds. Whether this means Kal-El is still alive in the new timeline is unknown, due to how massive the change was in the timeline.

Trivia Edit

  • Kal's greatest enemy, General Zod is also his uncle, as Zod is the son of his grandfather, Seg.
  • Because of Zod's takeover, it's unknown as to whether Kal was actually born in the new timeline.


Season 1Edit


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