Kandor City, or simply Kandor, is a city on Krypton and the most prominent residence of the planet's population.


Committing religious treason, Val-El was thrown out of Kandor to his death. Fourteen years later, after a terrorist attempted to bomb the Lawmakers Guild, Seg-El stopped him, allowing a member of the Sagitari to shoot his arm off, preventing an explosion. Because of this, the city was put on a terror alert and a curfew was put into effect. Charys-El as later tried for visiting Val-El's illegal Fortress of Solitude, both her and her husband Ter-El being killed when they tried to steal a gun and shoot Jayna-Zod.[1]

The GuildsEdit

Kandor City is governed by guilds, each responsible for an aspect of society. These include the Lawmakers Guild, Military Guild and Science Guild.

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