Kem is a rankless tavern owner and best friend to Seg-El.


When Seg-El was approached by men seeking payment, Kem set up betting. When one of the men pulled a blaster on Seg, Kem pulled a blaster on him, urging Seg to simply pay them. Having lasted as long as he did, a number of people paid Kem. As Seg left, he told the bar that they had free drinks for the next hour, distressing Kem. The following day, Seg returned to tell Kem of how he was to be promoted to the Science Guild. Their conversation was interrupted when Seg stopped a Sagitari from hurting an old man, causing him to be arrested. Some days following that, Kem provided Seg with a skimmer to get out of Kandor City.[1]

Kem later gave proper Kryptonian clothes to Adam Strange, with whom he went to search for Brainiac. After finding a scout, Kem and Adam went to inform Seg, inferring it to mean that Brainiac was already on Krypton.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Kem and Seg are like brothers with Kem acting as Seg's voice of reason



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