Lyta-Zod is a commander of the Sagitari as part of the Military Guild, and the daughter of Jayna-Zod. She is the intended of Dev-Em.


Lyta is the daughter of Jayna-Zod, becoming a member of the Military Guild, and furthermore the Sagitari. She was also intended to bind with Dev-Em. However, unbeknownst to Dev, Lyta held a secret relationship with Seg-El, which was forbidden due to his Rankless status. During a training session, Primus Jayna-Zod allowed Dev-Em to choose the method of combat between weapons and hand-to-hand. He chose hand-to-hand, and Lyta fought her mother in a training match. Eventually, she forced Lyta to cry for mercy. Admonishing her daughter for her weakness, she stabbed a knife through the back of her hand. Lyta was later present on the streets of the Rankless District when Seg-El was accosted by several Sagitari. Dev-Em was going to arrest him, but Lyta took charge and marched him off in cuffs before releasing him. Later, in an intimate moment, Lyta revealed that the Council had set the date for her binding to Dev-Em in two weeks time. Shortly following, Lyta tried to console Seg after his parents' deaths, but he could not look past the fact that Lyta's mother had killed his parents. He ended their relationship because he also knew that they would never be able to find a way to be together.[1]

Questioning commander Quex-Ul on the need for a rankless initiative to smoke out Black Zero, Lyta eventually challenged him to Kandorian combat, to the horror of both Dev-Em and her mother. She was called by Seg, looking for advice, and she just told him to be true to himself. Dev eventually came around, assuring Lyta of herself. Eventually fighting Quex-Ul, she was initially overwhelmed. However, Lyta eventually got the upper hand, getting Quex in a lock. He begged for mercy, but she refused, snapping his neck. From here, Lyta was awarded badges and the rank of commander.[2]



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