"The old Council is no more. They've already sworn their allegiance. All but you. You're our greatest scientific mind, Val. Think of all you've accomplished. Are you willing to throw it all away?"
"I've taken measures to safeguard my work. I had to. You can deny it all you like. But the truth is, we are not alone in the universe. Krypton is vulnerable. And praying to him won't be enough to save it."
Daron-Vex and Val-El[src]

Val-El is a a member of the House of El as well as the greatest Kryptonian scientist of his age. Val-El is the father of Ter-El and the grandfather of Seg-El.


Val-El was the greatest scientist on Krypton, and he was determined to prove that Kryptonians were not alone in the universe. When the Voice of Rao rose to power, the Council shut down his work. Val continued his work in secret, working out of a hidden facility he called the Fortress of Solitude. During his research, Val found evidence of an alien presence consuming other worlds and believed that it would soon come for Krypton. When Val-El tried to warn the Council of Krypton's vulnerability, he was charged with rebelling against the lawful authority and found guilty of sedition. However, Val had taken precautions to safeguard his work, and hid the location of the Fortress. He was sentenced to death and the House of El was struck from the Registry of Citizens, meaning his family was now Rankless without guild or honor. At his execution, Val told his grandson, Seg, to keep believing in a better tomorrow, before walking out into the cold and falling. He escaped to the Fanthom Zone and was unable to escape because Dru-Zod stoled his way out.


Following his death, Seg-El discovered a hologram that Val-El had installed into the Fortress of Solitude, unlocked by using his own El blood on a console.[1]



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